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Avoid Getting Trapped: 3 Mind Traps to Avoid If You Want to Be Happy at Work 

An article from the Harvard Business Review, entitled “Happiness Traps: How We Sabotage Ourselves at Work,” the author suggests we accept this unhappiness because we are trapped. Trapped by one, or all, of three common happiness traps: The Ambition Trap, The Should Trap, and The Overwork Trap. Read on to learn what are they, how they contribute to unhappiness at work, and what can we avoid these three traps?

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Examining Your Experiences

Examining Your Experience: How reframing your story can change your life

Growing up, my mom frequently asked me, “What will people think of you?” At the time, I did not genuinely appreciate the impact these words had on me until my coach, Jonathan Jerden, assigned me an exercise. He asked me to revisit past events and memories – beginning with my childhood and working my way to the present – to explore and evaluate how seminal events and key people impacted my beliefs, assumptions, thinking, and thus my behaviors. As I did this, the question, “Why do I care so much about what people think of me?” bubbled to the surface. By reflecting on this question while examining my experience, I could trace its origins back to my mom’s recurring question.

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The Future of Work – Evolving You and Your Career in Uncertain Times

Evolving You and Your Career in Uncertain Time With the future yet to be written, we are finding ourselves in a moment of reflection. Re-defining the future of work is happening as employers and workers push and pull with each other as they seek to meet their own various needs. The en masse resignation is

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The Great Reprioritization: Should I Stay or Go?

6-Steps To Take To Help You Decide If You Should Change Jobs This year, the question on the minds of many is “Should I Stay, or Should I Go?” According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 4.5 million Americans resigned in November 2021. And, if you believe the myriad of surveys circling on many

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