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Do you love your job? Do you feel your work has purpose and aligns with your values? What leadership skills are you looking to develop over the next two years? We were curious about these topics, so we acted.

Recently we shared a survey link with people in our Evolu network and received nearly 80 initial responses. Our intent with the survey was to understand how our connections are feeling about their current careers and workplace climate. The majority of respondents were from the United States, 25 – 44 in age, and equally split in gender. Let’s dive into what we discovered… 

People like (or love) where they work 

Even amid the current climate, people still like or love their jobs. In fact, 77% of our respondents indicated that they like or love their job (29% love their job, and 48% like their job). Only 9% stated they disliked or hated their current position. 

Despite being happily employed, respondents still shared what could make their experience and work even better. Professionals are most interested in changing their pay and benefits. Following pay, the next most requested change is growth and advancement opportunities. It is no secret that many professionals are motivated by responsibility. Opportunities to learn, a positive work environment, and the ability for hybrid work round out the top choices. 

Seeking Clarity 

When asked about the biggest challenge in their career, the comments are diverse. Overall, people seek clarity on their role within their company and want to know where they might find their next role or promotion. They want to ensure their work has purpose and value. Females commented on challenges navigating through male-dominated ranks and industries. 

2022 Evolu Survey Results

Growth and Development

While most respondents are happy with their current career and company, many remain interested in growth and change. Comments range from identifying advancement opportunities and pathways for growth and wanting to stay current and relevant in their job, to developing business and industry acumen, improving time and project management, and fostering leadership skills.  

Becoming Great Leaders 

When asked what leadership skills people want to improve over the next two years, the overwhelming response was becoming better at delegation, followed by increasing influence and managing change.  

Job Search Stressors 

2022 Evolu Survey Results

Not surprisingly, very few people enjoy looking for a new job. This is amplified when they need to navigate their current full-time job while searching for a new position. Respondents are tired of constantly trying to “sell” themselves via their resume and LinkedIn and frustrated when they do not hear back from companies and jobs after submitting a strong application or completing a great interview.  

When asked about the skills needed to find another job, writing and sharing experience and strengths are the biggest skill gaps. Only 14% indicated they are completely confident they could create an effective resume and an impactful cover letter. Conversely, 58% percent of people are “somewhat” to “not-at-all” confident in their cover-letter skills and 80% are “somewhat” to “not at all” confident in creating a one-page branding document. In addition, even though LinkedIn has been around for 20 years, only 38% of respondents are completely or fairly confident in their ability to create and manage a profile.  

When it comes time for an interview, 64% of respondents were fairly to completely confident in their skills. Still, that number takes a tumble once it moves on to salary negotiation, with only 25% being fairly to completely confident. 

Skills Development 

In their current roles, respondents are interested in developing their skills. Within the next two years, the top skills that respondents want to develop are: 

  • Becoming healthier and fit; 
  • Presenting my ideas powerfully; 
  • Creating greater financial security; 
  • Growing and managing my career and 
  • Work/life balance integration. 

Living Life with Purpose 

At Evolu helping professionals live their lives with purpose is our passion, so when we see that 68% of our respondents feel they are doing just that and 45% are confident in identifying their ideal path, we are thrilled.  

We are moving forward with what we have discovered, using it to influence our blogs, social media and course content. And we are always open to more feedback. Want to share your thoughts? Find the complete survey here.

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