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    Heidi Thompson and Marietta Stalcup Walking down a hall with luggage
    Heidi Thompson, MBA

    CQ: Cultural Intelligence – Why You Need It Now

    “Get comfortable being uncomfortable with people from different countries.” Robin Scheffer, Director Price Waterhouse Coopers Netherlands told my MBA students during an interactive Zoom session he was leading. Solving complex global issues requires cultural intelligence. An MBA student once remarked that she didn’t think it necessary to learn about other cultures because she had no intentions

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    Typewriter with Should I Stay or Should I Go? written on the paper
    Marietta Stalcup

    The Great Reprioritization: Should I Stay or Go?

    6-Steps To Take To Help You Decide If You Should Change Jobs This year, the question on the minds of many is “Should I Stay, or Should I Go?” According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 4.5 million Americans resigned in November 2021. And, if you believe the myriad of surveys circling on many

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